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bpt Physical Therapy LLC is a physical therapy clinic in Moorestown NJ that serves the Burlington County NJ and surrounding South Jersey areas. We treat injuries and issues such as TMD/TMJ, strains, sprains, post operative injuries, lower back pain, sciatica, osteoporosis, balance issues, any sports related injury, and more. If you are looking for a physical therapist in Moorestown NJ 08057 and the surrounding Burlington County NJ and South Jersey area, look no further than bpt Physical Therapy!

What is it that you would love to be able to do again? A visit to a physical therapist can help get you moving in the right direction. Call us with any questions, and we would be happy to help you recognize and reach your goals.

Why Physical Therapy?

Maybe you love CrossFit and you hurt your shoulder? Maybe you twisted your ankle in a Zumba class or running? Did you "throw out" your back working around the house? Perhaps you love the game of golf but you're always achy afterward. Did you kick the soccer ball and now the back of your leg (hamstring) is sore and you can't play well?

Here are some other reasons why you may need physical therapy:

Why bpt?

At bpt Physical Therapy we believe "Everything is Connected." We will listen to your story and evaluate the whole person, not just one area. We check all the "connected parts" until we find the source or sources of the difficulty. We then formulate a plan to fix the problem, not just the symptoms, to help you reach your goal.

We support exercise and stretching; however, our hands on manual physical therapy work is what sets us apart from the competition. We utilize deep tissue massage, Graston techniques, muscle energy and other manual work to reduce your discomfort and allow you to tolerate exercises and stretches to achieve your goals.

bpt Physical Therapy accepts private pay as well as insurance.

Contact Us

Call bpt Physical Therapy today at 856-380-0887 for all your Moorestown NJ and surrounding Burlington County NJ, South Jersey physical therapy needs. Our hours and a map to our location are shown below.

bpt Physical Therapy
341 New Albany Rd, Ste 120
Moorestown NJ 08057
Hours: Mon, Wed & Fri: 8:00am-8:00pm
Other hours by appointment
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