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"Everything's Connected"

Our Mission at bpt

bpt Physical Therapy provides hands-on, manual physical therapy which includes deep tissue massage, Graston technique (IASTM), muscle energy, joint mobilization, Kinesio-taping, counter strain technique, contract/relax, as well as guided stretching and strength training, but this is only the beginning of what we do.

You will be heard and truly cared for when you select bpt. You will find yourself introduced into a community that is safe, accepting, and understanding of all people, both patients and staff.

At bpt Physical Therapy, our goal is to be the first step towards a healthier life. While we are a physical therapy practice, bpt is a community where patients learn, create friendships, and share laughter. Our patients often look forward to their bpt Physical Therapy appointments. Once they reach the end of their program and are fully-healed, many state that they need another "excuse" in order to return. While we know that this is said in jest, this statement reflects the patients' attitude towards bpt Physical Therapy. More than a physical therapy practice, bpt is a second home.


No Prescription Required

You are able to receive physical therapy without a referral/prescription for musculoskeletal issues, unless dictated by your insurance. bpt physcial therapy will notify you if a referral/prescription is needed for your treatment.


Schedule an Appointment Today

We are open 8am-8pm, Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Everyone needs bpt Physical Therapy. Do you have an injury? Do you go to the gym but feel like you are missing a muscle group? Do you have a strength imbalance? Do you want to become better at a sport? Would you like to prevent future injuries? Would you like to be able to climb up stairs? Improve your balance when walking up and down curbs? Come to bpt Physical Therapy and our team will evaluate you. After your initial evaluation, we will create a customized plan in order to help you accomplish your goals. 

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