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Diane Beach

Office Assistant

Diane Beach is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Diane graduated from Temple University with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Real Estate. Diane was first a patient at bpt Physical Therapy, experiencing back and shoulder pain. After being discharged from bpt, Diane applied for a position on the bpt Team because she had thoroughly enjoyed her time as a patient, becoming familiar with both the people and the work culture. In Diane’s words, “I was returning to the workforce after 20 years of raising my family and filling my days with volunteer work. It was time for a challenge”. Diane brings her strong work ethic, positive attitude, kindness, and compassion for patients to bpt Physical Therapy. 
   Diane’s favorite aspects about working at bpt Physical Therapy are the people and the positive environment. Diane says, “The patients and the staff are friendly and supportive of one another. Also, I enjoy seeing the patients’ reactions when they realize how much they have improved and how much stronger they have become. It’s almost like a surprise to them sometimes”. 
   At bpt Physical Therapy, patients can expect Diane to welcome them warmly from their initial evaluation, through their final appointment. Diane respects and emphasizes with patients, making their experience at bpt Physical Therapy positive and fun.
   Outside of bpt Physical Therapy, Diane enjoys anything creative: crafting baking, decorating, photography, etc. Diane also loves thrill rides, specifically roller coasters. Diane has two sons and enjoys watching her older son, Brandon, perform as an actor and her younger son, Kyle, play collegiate baseball.

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