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Chandler Garcia

Physical Therapy Aide

Originally from Westampton, New Jersey, Chandler Garcia was born and raised in Ewing, NJ. Chandler graduated from Millersville University in December of 2021 with a bachelor's degree in science with a sports medicine concentration. While attending Millersville University, Chandler majored in Allied Health Technology- Sports Medicine and played for the university’s women’s soccer team. Chandler brings her good communication skills, optimism, and (as some patients may say) a little too much animal print to bpt Physical Therapy. Chandler states, “patients can expect me to provide them with a positive environment that encourages them to reach milestones in their care plan. I have also been in a position where I needed Physical Therapy, so I know that in this journey, a patient needs encouragement and positivity”. Chandler’s favorite part about working at bpt Physical Therapy is the “close-knit environment it promotes between patients, aides, and physical therapists”. Chandler loves coming into work “feeling like everyone is a friend”. When not at bpt, Chandler enjoys going to the gym, hanging out with friends, and enjoying movie  nights with her family. In the fall, Chandler plans on volunteering as an assistant coach for the RV girls soccer team in order to be there for her sister’s final high school soccer season.

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